Are Smart Drugs The Answer To Improve Cognitive Function?

These are drugs that improve cognition. The reasons behind the use of such drugs are to enhance a person’s ability to reason, learn, concentrate, create as well as recall memories. The difference between these drugs and other illicit drugs is that they don’t create a high. There are numerous brain health and cognition benefits that the drugs provide.

How they Work

Smart drugs improve cognitive brain activity associated processes assisting the user positively. The human brain has way too many connections including a lot of messages that are sent, as well as received via various chemicals.

Such messages make the brain a very complex organ and are the reason for the human behavior, for instance, our mood. Cognitive enhancing drugs work with the brain chemicals increasing their natural functioning to come up with encouraging effects. They target the mental performance, the entire health and energy of the brain, as well as the memory.

medication-31119_640Examples of Cognition-Enhancing Drugs


It is called a potent eugeroic supplement that increases concentration and focus and is commonly utilized as a modafinil substitute. It stimulates wakefulness hence a mild stimulant.

It increases Serotonin levels and prevents the breakdown of dopamine hence affecting your mood positively. The supplement gets converted into Modafinil upon consumption. It is not as regulated as modafinil. Most people argue that adrafinil is the best cognitive enhancing drug because of its positive results.


Modafinil (Alertec) is used as an aid for sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It makes individuals remain awake longer and clears their mind. Most individuals with narcolepsy fall asleep without noticing during the day. The drug is safe to use.


Developed recently, the drug affects the glutamate receptors. Research shows that it is a thousand times stronger compared to piracetam. Both drugs have similar effects, but Sunifiram is more potent. It enhances the functioning of the memory and prevents cognition from declining further. It is quite important in acetylcholine levels and enhances learning, memory, focus, as well as the overall cognition.


This is a very strong smart drug used in enhancing cognition, brain protection, as well as, treating neurological conditions. It facilitates the strengthening of connections between the right and the left hemispheres improving communication, hence regarded as quite effective.

The drug is as well a strong antioxidant, which assists in the elimination of free radicals in the brain creating effective prevention of neurological conditions. It as well contributes towards enhanced long-term memory brought about by an increase in neuron as well as synapse growth.