Effective Ways to Treat Gynecomastia

Men’s chests should be flat but unfortunately some get swellings which resemble a woman’s breasts. This condition is known in medical terms as gynecomastia and is often as a result of underlying condition like cirrhosis, hypogonadism or malnutrition. It is also possible to develop the condition from taking certain medications which should be changed to avoid serious problems.

gyno-picGynecomastia should go away on its own but treatment is necessary if there is apparent pain, excess tenderness and embarrassment. When you decide to go for treatment, you have to choose the best possible method that will permanently deal with the problem and all the trouble it causes. The best treatments for gynecomastia include:

Home remedies

A breast reduction diet is the first way to try and deal with the condition. You can start by eating a low fat diet to lose extra pounds as overweight men are more vulnerable. You should also exercise more often to firm up your muscles and burn stored fats which are often the cause of dreaded man boobs’. Foods rich in zinc and calcium are important as they effectively control the balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. Push-ups are the best exercises for reducing the swelling as they tighten chest muscles in addition to strengthening your arms.


Men suffering from gynecomastia want to keep their issues private and without the need for a doctor’s consent it is possible to access treatment without discussing it with anyone. Creams are available over the counter and they are easy to use, making them a popular treatment option. Remember that it takes time for creams to diminish the, man boobs’ completely and be patient. The process depends on many factors including your diet, lifestyle and any health issues you may have.


Gynecomastia pills are effective non-invasive ways of dealing with unsightly swelling. There are some reliable all-natural pills for those who fear side effects. The pills work to reduce estrogen and increase testosterone levels as the opposite is among the major causes of gynecomastia.


If you still have the telling signs of gynecomastia after attempting other treatment options you should consider surgery. There are two types of surgery that could help – mastectomy and liposuction. The latter involves removal of excess breast fat while a mastectomy is more thorough, involving the removal of breast gland tissue for permanent results.

People usually go for surgery as a last resort because it is an invasive form of treatment for gynecomastia. However, modern technology makes it possible for skilled surgeons to deliver results without making too many incisions. This means that you can have less invasive surgery which calls for less recovery time.

The best treatment for gynecomastia depends on unique aspects like the patient’s anatomy, underlying health issues, budget and how fast they want results. Experts advise people to choose solutions that they can easily accommodate into their daily routine for the best results. After treatment it is important to make some lifestyle changes by eliminating anything that could cause a recurrence of the condition. The most effective treatment for gynecomastia is one that allows men to live full, high-quality lives without suffering embarrassment.