What causes gynecomastia breast condition?

man-boobs-300x225You have seen some men with really big tits like those of the ladies. And then you wondered, how is that possible? Nothing is an impossibility. It appears that even the hormones do fail sometimes to make a woman out of a man. Well, not really the thing but some features might just be customized with time. What every man should know is the causes of these gynecomastia breasts. With that, maybe they can try and avoid contracting the condition anyhow. There are many causatives of this condition. Some are personal lifestyles while others are family related. Let’s check them out here.

  • Testosterone vs estrogen

Back in high school, we all learnt about the male and female defining hormones. These are the testosterone and estrogen hormones that exist in the bodies of men and women respectively. Testosterone carries the men genes like beard growth, deep voice etc. For a man to be a man, the testosterone in him must be enough to facilitate development of men traits. Both hormones however exists in every person. What varies is the concentration. Estrogen is also there with you man, but in inactive state thanks to testosterone. If the testosterone is defeated by estrogen, you start displaying feminine features. Gynecomastia is one of the most common effect of that.

For new born males, breasts are larger. Once the boy starts developing, the breasts disappear. The big breasts may come again at mid age. This can be explained by the production of estrogen. At first, there is much estrogen from the mother at child birth. With age, production of testosterone also depreciates and estrogen might take over.

  • Certain medications

The drugs you take might be the cause of the big breasts. Some medications can trigger development of the breasts beyond limits in men. These can include antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, heart drugs like lanoxin, tricyclic antidepressants, Tagamet, anabolic steroids, androgens etc. You may think that you are treating one body condition but typically, you are triggering another. Drugs used for AIDS are also very much associated with the gynecomastia.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Modern lifestyles have made the youngsters want to take just about any drug. Little do they know of the side effects? These drugs only tell them to keep taking more to enjoy the ‘high’ feeling. With continuous consumption of alcohol, you risk having gynecomastia. Other drugs like heroin, marijuana and methadone will also have the same effect as alcohol.

  • Certain body conditions

Body conditions alter the action of hormones in some way. There are some body conditions that will trigger gynecomastia. Aging is the number one condition. As you grow old, testosterone is reduced in your system and estrogen can govern your body leading to big breasts. Overweight is the other condition. Kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, hypogonadism, starvation and tumor development are some other conditions to watch out for.

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